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Kornelia -


Hi there!

I'm Kornelia. Ten years ago, I completed my training as a hairdresser, and since then, I've immersed myself in various aspects of the industry. From working on film sets to assisting with television shows and catering to brides and models, I've gathered a wealth of experience.

Since 2023, I've been collaborating with Ginger, focusing on modern color services and hand-sewn weft extensions. This journey has led me to establish my own niche— 'Skaisti' means 'beautiful' in my native tongue, reflecting my commitment to creating hair that exudes beauty and boosts the confidence of those who wear it.

what services do I offer?

At, my expertise lies in various color techniques, and weft extensions, utilizing the gentle waterfall beaded row technique for a seamless and comfortable fit. Additionally, I offer treatments such as keratin straightening, hair botox, and hair reconstruction.

Keratin straightening offers a temporary solution for those seeking manageable, frizz-free hair for up to six months. Hair botox, meanwhile, rejuvenates and strengthens damaged hair with nourishing ingredients like keratin and collagen, providing lasting protection and shine. Hair reconstruction service acts as a replenishing tonic for chemically treated or damaged hair, promoting repair and vitality.

Interested in exploring my services? Feel free to get in touch via Instagram at

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